If you want your favorite damsel to get the DiD treatment, Osvaldo A. Greco is available for commissions! Osvaldo specializes in pinups of damsels in distress dressed in rubber suits as well as cartoon, comics and television a short comic book bondage story that needs an artist, Osvaldo is available for that too.  Please fill this formular for send directly a email.


For price details and other information. As Osvaldo doesn’t get online every day, please allow a week for your response. Osvaldo will always answer, so if you don’t hear from him after that your email was probably lost in cyberspace, so don’t hesitate to write him again. Thanks!

Your commissions keeps this website alive!

As a lot of people asked me about commissions, here is a list about them, first what I do and what I don’t


  • Comics
  • Bondage/BDSM
  • Erotic
  • Fetish, mainly latex/rubber and scuba/gasmasks


  • Animations
  • 3D art
  • Gore/Violence
  • Porn
  • Childs
  • Zombies, werewolves and the rest of the gang (I like to see them in movies, but not my cup of tea in my work)  the only exception in this item would be if they’re included as a fun part of the story, but without the gross
  • Mutilation
  • Death scenes

These aren’t fixed yet but they should vary between 50$ to 80$ and here’s what i take into consideration

  • Complexity of the scene or story (if extensive research is needed)
  • Complexity of the lighting
  • Complexity of the ropework
  • Amount of details asked for
  •  Colors or plain black and white
  • Specific gear or themes, like spacesuits or rubber suits with complex breathing gear; special bondage stuff

Done with Paypal or Western Union.  fifty percent at the start and the rest when the work is finished

How to submit:
Send me a note with as much details as you feel is necessary. Alternatively you can just give the basic of what you want, comics can take a good talk, as they’re more complex pieces of work, involving a story, characters, dialogues and action, with the use of gear, clothes, places and a long etcetera.  Sometimes it demands a lot of research and if other people’s characters are involved, I need time to handle them in a proper way, as the proper respect for other author’s creatures require.  This is just an example to make you understand that no matter what, takes time, sometime a lot, so be patient and try to not send me a mail every three days to see if it’s finished! Also, remember that you’re not the only one who commission;)
Try to include links to the models you want to see in your scene.  If you don’t have them, at least try to remember the name of the actress of actor or comic character you want to see and let me see if I can find it.   The same goes about the outfits, ropework, gags, masks or special stuff you wanna see; not indispensable, but can help to make the work faster.
If you sent me a script, have in mind that one comic page usually doesn’t have more than six panels; if you make pages of 10,12 panels to make it shorter and cheaper, the only result will be a post stamp collection unreadable in words and images.  Remember that I do all the process alone, so usually takes a lot of time, so the final payment will come months after the start of the work.

Details you might wanna think about:

  • Facial expression
  • Camera angle
  • Shading/lighting
  • Gag scenes (we both enjoy that, sure, but I want that you see what you want to see specifically!)
  • Some sense of the story (but don’t worry,  I will rework it until both get satisfied with the results; it will not be Shakespeare or Tolstoi, but a fun and readable story that make you feel happy and excited in more than one sense!)
  • How to make your favorite fetish into the story you always wanted to see and never had the chance!  Sounds strange, I know, but maybe looking at your favorite TV or movie bondage scene and turn the scene into a movie will help you
  • Clothes required (catsuits, dresses, corsets, hoods, masks, gags, shoes, etc)
  • Theme (scuba, hospital, school, jail, science-fiction, fantasy, etc)

Well, think that’s the main subject to make things clearer, you can ask about any point you don’t see clear or if you need to be informed about something you don’t see here, I will gladly answer you; I don’t bite!:p
Thanks for reading all this and I hope this can be the beginning of the realization of your dreams

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