Queospera: After a year of our first interview, you have a website that has over 80,000 hits, people all over the world write to you thanks to your art and you have been recognized as one of the top ten bondage artists at the 2004 Signys. How does it feel?

Osvaldo A. Greco: Like a dream, I still do not believe it, ha, ha. It feels wonderful, really, but it is also a heavy burden because it is also a responsibility about what I am doing now and in the future.

For many years you worked with little interaction with the public. Now that you spend a lot of time online and constantly receive comments from your fans, has any of that changed the way you work?

Yes, absolutely. In general, the basics stay the same, but now I have a better idea of the preferences of others, which may not be necessary mine. When I was alone doing my work I asked myself many times if someone would be interested or would they like what I was doing, thank God I found that they do!!!

You have been doing Gwen tales for many years, are you still excited to do Gwen comics?

As in the first day, I feel that the characters are so full of life and the possibilities for stories are so many that I hope to have the energy to do all the tales that I have in different states of completion.

Will Gwen ever untie herself?

No, poor one, she is hopeless, and I suspect she does not want to…

In The DamsTDZ058smallels Zoo you did many drawings of girls transformed into animals thanks to elaborate costumes that trapped them. Tell us how was that creative process. Did you check out many animals photos for reference?

Yes I did, when I am going to do special costumes I try to research first to incorporate the best about the dresses I have to design. For this story I sketched over 100 costumes but I had to slow down the amount because of the story or it would have been a Halloween catalog. Ha, ha, ha!

So I selected the most glamorous animals for the most glamorous costumes, the rest is paper and ink.


Two of the ladies in exhibition at The Damsels Zoo

In Welcome Home Reby you introduce elements like the Knights Templar and other historic and metaphysical aspects. Are there other similar themes that you would like to useWHR105small as a springboard for other bondage comics?

Maybe, but not like in this story. This one has the particularity that it was done step by step, I did not do a story before it! So, when I started not even I knew what was going to happen , the Templars was a sudden inspiration, something lead to another and here we are.

The hyperdimensional physics were integral to give an idea that the story was not only about the sword, there was something bigger at hand. That is why we had all these stuff of the Templars, the Hashishims and the destiny of the world.

Because of that, the next story will be more intimate, more homely, to give the reader and me a break, ha, ha, ha. You do not have any idea of all the research I had to do for this story.

Other stories will have fantastic and even science fiction elements with bondage at the center of it, of course.

                         A small taste from an action filled sequence in Welcome Home, Reby

Would I be wrong if I say your favorite character is The Countess, the Diva of Bondage?

Countess Marcia (that is her real name, check out the first version of Gwendoline in Bizarre magazine) is a fantastic character that inspires me to the most incredible and delirious plots, without appearing delirious! If I use Lin and Zhin and put them in charge of a zoo full of kidnapped damsels it would sound ridiculous. On the other hand, with the Countess that idea fits like a glove. Sophisticated, glamorous and fantastic, those are what I think are her qualities.

FGM067bWhich will be the next Gwen stories for the website?

The next two are Educating Reby, a follow up on Welcome Home, Reby, where the girls give Reby an intense training so that she adapts to the duties of the mansion , the way to do things and all the gadgets. Then it will be the presentation of Nicole, Gwen s cousin and the Countess nephew. I am still not finished with that story, sometime I will do it, ha, ha, ha!

I also have 100 pages of the First Girl on Mars, maybe the first part will see the light, that is if I do not go right ahead and finish it during this year.

Gagged lips from First Girls On Mars

What do I have to do so you work on a Darcy story?

Resurrect him! Ha, ha,ha! Well, right now I do not have anything planned with D arcy, he is too (John) Willie, too close to him for me to touch it. In one of the coming stories he appears as a mommy, but I think that does not count.

Having done chess pieces and animal costumes, what other exotic dresses can we expect in the future?ToniBigger

That is still in the works, but in the next story there will be a lot of costumes that poor Reby will have to try.

Which will be the next villains that the girls have to face?

Well, that will be a surprise.

Have you been thinking of developing other characters?

Are you referring to Gwen? I got more, you will see in due time!
I also wondered if it was in your plans to do other characters, apart from the Sweet Gwendoline universe.
I recently have done some sketches, but Gwen takes most of my time, She is a very demanding girl!

You got something planned with other writers?

Well I have a project with Pablo Marmol, about Toni from the famous Willie/Eric Stanton comic Toni goes to the Bondage Ball. Gwen and Toni are in the kidnapping scene done by Zenia and Tania from Willie’s Missing Princess. A magnificent story (Pablo is a great writer) that deserves excellent artwork, that is why I have not developed it faster.

I also have a original Gwen story that my dear friend Reby gave me for my birthday called Blood Rubber that occurs in Transylvania with fetish and vampirism, with the maids as protagonists while U-89 is on a mission. Another fantastic story, in my opinion Reby is one of the best fetish writers I know, even if she insists otherwise.

                                                                     Toni goes to the Ball


Anything else?

LisaLeatherSkirtsmallThere is also a project I am working with my friend Chocolic in the stories of his character called Lisa Leatherskirt, an adorable damsel that always gets in situations full of ropes, gags and fetish clothes, very much in the Klaw style. I am thinking about doing short stories about Lisa, she has a lot of future as a character, really! There are some project with Wicz and hopefully with Van too!

And also on the literally side I am writing a fantastic story of bondage and fetish called Strangeland but it is really a story that both Reby and I will say is a work in progress. Truth is I do some ideas and scenes, but the one that puts the meat in the bones, so to speak, is Reby and do not argue with me Reby!!!

Lisa Leatherskirt

Back to the Countess Marcia she is truly a sophisticated and glamorous character. Is that what your art is all about, to give glamour to bondage without falling into torture? Does the Countess as a character allows you to do that and that is why you use it so much?

Maybe, but I enjoy the character and the parts with her good-for-nothing hechwomen are the funniest scenes of the stories!

Will we see more funny cartoons?
Of the ones I did ten years ago, sure, but I have not really done more except some panels in my sketchbooks, where I do little stories in color and drawings to kill time, many in manga style which is a hobby of mine. I do many of those in sketchbooks to relax when I am not in condition to work on the stories and small tales sometimes are useful for the main stories.

In your drawings you have done some characters from animation and comic books. Which characters deserve the treatment, if you know what I mean?

Lots of them! And I sometimes receive suggestions from friends and fans. I have received suggestions for Jasmine from Aladdin, the Totally Spies babes, Hawkgirl and even the girls from Pokemon. Post your suggestions in the Grecogroup!

In the first interview we had some Spanish language comics, will we ever see more of that material ?PVW019small

Yes, as a matter of fact I am finishing the inking of the first of one of those stories that I hope to post soon, the only inconvenience is that it has some daring scenes, at least compared to what you have seen with Gwen, but I doubt that anyone will make a scandal out of it, no? There is no genitalia but some scenes of a high lesbian content, I don’t know if I explain myself.

Well, I am surprised that few people ask that your art be more sexually explicit, as are most artists that do this kind of work. Do people prefer love bondage after all?

I believe they do, that is why the Klaw stories are so popular. Those stories suggest more than they show, the process is internal, the sex scenes occur in our subconscious, which makes them more powerful and permanent. They appeal to our inner demons and occult desires and that is intoxicating and addictive, a true drug for the mind, the best, the imagination!



A translated scene from Prisoners of a Virtual World

What advice you would give to artists that like bondage art and want to follow your steps?

First, read the classics: Willie, Stanton, Eneg, Ruiz and others, while sometimes the stories are silly, if the art has quality it is worthy as a reference. Start doing short stories of four, eight or ten pages. Do not try to do my epic length stories or you will end crazy or sick of it!

Once you dominate the narration techniques start telling your tales and tell, tell, tell !!!
Thanks Osvaldo for your time!