Sweet Gwendoline is a creation of the late John willie.
Over the years many artists have done their versions of the classic damsel in distress.
So, this is Osvaldo’s tribute to the master!

The Good Girls




Gwendoline is a young orphan which seems to have the superpower of getting kidnapped all the time by people who want her money or her body !

In order to protect Gwen better she now lives with super spy U-89.

Oddly enough, she still gets tiedup a lot by everybody in the mansion, but Gwen does not mind tons of love bondage.

Gwen’s goal is to become a secret agent like her idol U-89, too bad that she can’t untie a single knot !

Meanwhile, she divides her time between sports and getting kidnapped by U-89’s enemies.



U-89 is the code name for the sexiest super agent in latex suits and high heels.

Many enemy agents have tried to beat the famous spy, but in the end she triumphs over all thanks to her ingenuity, knowledge of firearms and martial arts and a little help from her friends when she has been captured, which happens a lot, actually.

When she is not busy rescuing Gwen, or getting captured herself by her numerous enemies, U-89 likes to play golf, chess and fencing, in which she is so good that she can compete with one hand tied behind her back!

(Note: In some editions of Sweet Gwendoline and in the works of other authors this character is referred to as U-69)



Fifi is U-89’s French maid and head of the mansion when her mistress is off doing super spy stuff. She thinks that Gwen is her personal toy and will give her stricter bondage than U-89 does.

A joyful spirit, she likes to play a little too much and sometimes neglects the domestic duties, which earns her lots of bondage.

Fifi is always flirting with her buddies Rossanna and K-15.

She likes to ride her bike, but her favorite sport is devising new positions in which to tie up Gwen!

Fifi has also been captured numerous times by U-89’s enemies, but she knows that it comes with the territory and is fiercely loyal to her Madame.




Rossanna is another one of U-89’s maids and is in charge of the kitchen.

Always following the lead of Fifí, she frequently gets into trouble and pays with a large dose of bondage!

Like her partner, this young Italian is on its way to become a scuba diver and martial artist, necessary skills to have when you have to rescue the one that signs your checks!






Reby is the latest addition to the maid staff.

She is the cousin of Rosanna and at her insistence gets her first work as a maid at U-89’s mansion.

While she excelled at Maid’s College, she still has a lot to learn about the peculiarities of working in U-89’s place, but her fellow maids are happy to teach her the ways of the house, as long as they can tie her up in the process.

Reby loves stringent bondage, so it seems she is working at the right place after all!





K-15 is also a secret agent in the agency that employs U-89.

It would seem that her main duties are rescuing everybody in U-89’s household, but this fiery redhead loves the adventure that the spy business gives her in droves.

She enjoys pulling pranks at U-89 and is learning to play the bondage games that go on there.





The Bad Girls

countessMLCountess M

Countess M is U-89 and Gwendoline’s greatest enemy. Also known as The Diva of Bondage, she blames U-89 for everything that has gone wrong with her life and tries with all her cunning to take away what U-89

loves most, her sweet Gwendoline.

The Countess makes her money by kidnapping young women and cashing in on the rescue money, or by selling them to the highest bidder on the slave market. But she uses most of her time and resources to device new and original ways to capture and punish U-89 and Gwendoline. And she has a fertile imagination and is a really sore loser, so you better watch out girls!




The Countess hates to gets her hands dirty, so she always has her servants doing most of the work. Zazá is her main maid/assistant/kidnapper/etc.

Her mind is second only to the Countess in her imagination for new traps to imprison our heroines.

And she can be very cruel to the lower-ranking servants of the Countess too, so Zazá is not one to mess up with.

She does not enjoy being tied up, but failure in the Countess house is always punished with stringent bondage as Zazá is well aware.






Anoushka comes from beautiful Russia. Very loyal to the Countess, she is a very silent girl, even when she is not gagged!









If there was a contest for most fashionable kidnapper, Clarissa would have won it several times! She always wants to look pretty while capturing the Countess’ enemies. But watch out, she is extremely dangerous and can be quite cruel with her rivals.







Maya is the newest of the Countess’ henchbabes.

This young woman is still learning the art of the kidnapping and can be quite clumsy at times, which has made her a frequent victim of Zaza’s spankings!





Lin and ZhinLinZhinL

Lin and Zhin are two troublesome twin Chinese agents that encounter U-89 as part of their job to wreak havoc with the peace of the world.

They are very devious and will try any bondage possible on their prisoners until they get the information they need.

Interestingly enough, they love to gag themselves with the excuse that they won’t make any noise that would affect their missions.

These Chinese cuties are always trouble for our heroines!



TemplarsLThe Templar Sisterhood

The Templar Sisterhood is an ancient organization of fearsome female warriors that have accumulated enormous wealth and power over the centuries.

Convinced that humanity is near a big evolution jump, they will do whatever’s necessary to ensure that their plan to lead the world afterwards succeeds.

And if they need to kidnap any of Gwen’s friends to reach that goal, so be it!

While it seems that their philosophy is to bring global harmony to the planet, they will stop anyone that dares to go against their plans by any means necessary!